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Spinning Reels

4”- 8” Deluxe & Standard these are spinning reels used in general fishing. 

The difference between 6” Light & 6” Medium is that the drum of the light is slightly shallower and therefore is better suited to someone throwing a spoon or a lighter bait.

Farcast Reels

Far Cast Reels: These are reels that have duel pins on the bracket , you clip the drum off the side pin and clip the drum on the top pin to cast the reel, and then return it to the side pin when finished casting. 

These reels are extremely efficient in estuaries and are suitable for beginners and new users of KP Reels as they cast the same as coffee grinders.

Boat Reels

Boat Reels: The 7 1/2” Drag reel has a reversible drag system, and was developed for paddle ski fisherman, who preferred the 1:1 ratio of our reels but need the drag whilst they are paddling. The 8”/9”/10” & 11 ½” are self explanatory, fisherman’s preference. 

Basically they are not casting reels but are used on boats. The thumb screws allows the boat fisherman on his boat to lock the drum.

Deep Sea Reels

5 3/4”G.P. to the Shark Reels are mainly reels to be used with live baits. The differences are G.P (Gen Purpose), used for general fishing as well as swimming live baits, G.B. (Ground Baits), M.G.B. (Medium Ground Bait), H.G.B. (Heavy Ground Bait). 

These reels have a very deep drum, holding lots of line for the live bait to swim. The biggest in this line is the Shark Reel, as sharks are being targeted it has a deeper drum for big swim baits such as large shad and Bonito’s. Often used by Kite Fisherman.

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